Our translation agency bridge your language barriers. We are your partner for conferences, meetings, negotiations, PR and official events and matters in Germany (inclusive interpreter's booth and interpreter console and microphone).

TT&I (Trateschki Translators & Interpreters), established in 1998 in Stuttgart, Germany, is a centre for technical and business translations and interpretation services: Your partner for GERMAN and other EUROPEAN languages and SLAVIC.


We are associated with partner agencies across the globe and work with freelancers, translators/interpreters, linguists and expert specialists certified worldwide. 

We execute your assignments of all language pairs and supporting services and we work according to international standards of our customers: worldwide.

Multilingual projects are our forté ... 

Our professional translators specialize in translation/interpretation in the fields of technology (automotive, metallurgy, electronics, software, games, equipment, machines etc.: operating instructions, leaflets, advertising, industry ...), science, law, economics & culture, especially translations to and from languages from the EU, the Balkans, Middle and Eastern Europe as well as languages from Asia and India.

We will translate or interpret your operating instructions, automotive documents, software, hardware, PC game, business report, catalogue, tourist brochures, international moving plans, certified translations, politics, EU topics, manuals, TV, radio, film (movie), transcription, interviews, literature, art, and we also offer localization, intercultural training, and support/training of business groups in a foreign language over the weekend (with sporting events, fun, good food, local sights).

(We declare that our translation service are according to the standard DIN EN ISO 17100 (reg. No. 7U327 /DIN CERTCO/)

Translate, translator German - English, English - German

Übersetzen, Übersetzer Englisch - Deutsch, Deutsch - Englisch